b̻̔r̥̫̓̅o̽͜k̢͐e̜͓̳̻̬͆̑̀͗̾ņ̞̻͍̲̋̅̄̎̕ concrete

20-05-18 GC8HRH4

39.262433 -75.1174

Decided to take a drive this afternoon. Peace. Serenity. Water.

Saw this waypoint and thought I would take a shot. I know this intersection well.

I had thoughts going in, but spent a couple minutes satisfying the obvious. Then it was on to actually finding the cache. It was short work at that point. I like the container.

Made my mark for posterity, returned as found, and moved on. Pretty much the definition of life, methinks.

Thank you for the diversion; I appreciate it.

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