Star Wars: Darth Maul

Star Wars: Darth MaulStar Wars: Darth Maul by Cullen Bunn
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My son and I have been binge watching the Star Wars universe on Disney+. We made it through eight seasons of Clone Wars and now are in the second season of Rebels with a smattering of the movies mixed in too. I have a much better understanding of the universe now than I had previously.

One thing I learned is that Darth Maul did not die at the hands of Obi Wan. For such a dark character shrouded in mystery, his return has presented him a bit whiny, in my opinion. He speaks now. And in this volume, he sounds pathetic. Oh, I want to kill my first Jedi. Oh, my master forbids from doing so. Oh, I want to so badly. Oh, I am so conflicted. It sounds like a chick flick.

But the art is superb and the overriding story is good. Will Darth Maul follow Sidious or will he give in to his nature . . . the way he was bred?

A Jedi padawan has been captured. She is offered for sale at auction. She sells for 2.5 million unmarked credits. Maul has recruited a gang of pirates headed by Cab Bane to help him “liberate” the padawan.

Their ship crashes, and for a moment, padawan and Maul team up to fight off the pursuers. In the end, Maul does what Maul is trained to do. And Sidious is proud of him. And it looks as though Bane gets paid, not killed for his loyalty.

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