Loaded Language

Ed Henry, reporter/opinion host on Fox News was fired today. It was alleged last week, apparently, that years ago he had sexually harrassed a former colleague (whomever the woman is, she has moved on from Fox). An independent firm investigated. Henry was fired.

This article from CNN showed up in my news feed. That is how I learned the above. In that article, Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, the authors of the article, wrote:

Henry eventually worked his way back into Fox’s good graces. He filled in on pro-Trump opinion shows like “Fox & Friends Weekend” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” winning the affections of Fox viewers.

There is nothing journalistic in the above quotation. It is full of opinion.

It is one thing to state such a thing on an opinion show where the viewership is quite aware it is viewing opinion. It is quite another to write it an article, plop the CNN imprimatur logo on it, and distribute throughout the world via news channels.

I thought I was reading a news article. It turns out I read an opinion piece.

My thinking is that not everyone discerns the difference and now “knows” certain shows are “pro-Trump” shows.

This is how media networks influence the public. Fox viewers may have had their affections won by Mr. Henry. The CNN audience have had theirs by Messrs. Stelter and Darcy.

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