Steelman Plantation (A Spirit Quest Cache)

20-07-16 GC1VAFP

39.3878 -74.738883

Confession: I did not solve the puzzle. It’s not that I was unwilling, I just never got it solved. I have worked on this several times. I’m missing something.

Confession: I searched for this the other day. I did not find it. I thought I had figured out where this was hidden based on other information on the page. I happened by the park and gave a try. Based on the strategy I used, I was convinced the hiding spot had been destroyed. Everything matched saved the destruction of what I thought was the location seemed like it may have been more than a month ago. As is clear, the geocache was found in June.

I poked around other locations, but I was in flip flops and the dead holly leaves made their presence known on my feet. That kept me from being as thorough as I would like to think I would have been had I not been pricked with every step.

With Boba in tow (and shoes upon my feet), I returned today. I walked right to it. 🙂 The thing is, I am pretty certain I had looked here the other day. Not certain how to explain that. Sometimes I am just not good at this, I suppose.

All is in fine shape. We logged our find and took in the sights. I was pleasantly surprised that my son was able to show me something about this park I did not know (how many times have I been here in my life?). He’s growing up; he has experiences outside of time with me. Hooray!

Thank you for the fun challenge; I appreciate it.

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