20-07-17 GC6CBXN

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Chapter Two.

I know that some of you don’t understand

Neil Young, The Needle and the Damage Done

Today was an extremely busy day. I worked my butt off. But I was also quite proud as pretty much everything fell into place exactly as I had planned. That never happens. 😉 Things were so good that I was able to bang out all the errands I had planned for Saturday. That is why I was up this way.

After my stop at REI, I drove home by here. This plaza reminds me of a question that has persisted for a couple decades now. Somewhere around 1995 I purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer at a restaurant supply store. I swear it was in this complex. No restaurant supply store has been here in a long time, I know. I also think the plaza got a makeover at some point. Or I may be absolutely incorrect and what I am thinking was somewhere else completely.

Pulled in. It was just me and the Canada geese this afternoon. Peaceful.

The log sheets are full. I found a bit of space above someone’s log from last year.

Thank you for a reason to stop and smile on the beginning of this next chapter; I appreciate it.

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