Minimalism doesn’t exactly describe my approach to things. It’s the simplest term to use to help people understand, but it’s always been about efficiency first. I figure there are mechanisms to emply that will permit my workflow to be efficient. Yes, reducing the number of things I need to be concerned with helps be efficient. I embraced that.

I’ve recently moved. The actual move was very efficient. Pretty much everything fell into place as I had planned it. Moving day was so efficient, I had all my furniture set up and I was able to go run all my errands I had scheduled for the following day on moving day.

Even so, it took about five days to really get everything in place to the point where I didn’t feel like I had things to do. Trash cans presented issues. Frankly, I have spent money and a lot of time dealing with trash. It seems out of balance.

Anyhow, because I was so well planned, once I was set up, I was at optimal efficiency with my stuff. It’s not that I couldn’t find something I didn’t need. But I had everything I needed and wanted for a comfortable life. There was no excess (beyond what I wanted; others may see excess in the number of games I have or digital photographs, etc.).

That changed the other day. My mother sent me a package. In it were four placemats, two potholders, and a throw pillow. Technically, all superfluous as I have all those items already.

But here’s the thing: she did a really good job of getting things I would like. The colors are good, the quality what I would have chosen.

So, now I have eight placemats, four potholders, and one extra throw pillow. I have so much room in the apartment, this excess isn’t noticed. I figure I can change out the placemats weekly for a slightly different look. Perhaps extra potholders will be useful at some point. I could always use them as trivets. And the pillow adds one element of homemade to an apartment that is pseudo-industrial. I like that.

I know I will never be inundated with gifts, so I am not concerned that this is a step towards adding unneccesary items slowly. This is a one-time occasion and it works.

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