1814 – The Wizard of Oz

20-08-12 GC7MN35

43.443917 -88.213417

This had been a whirlwind of a day. I flew into Chicago and drove up here for the geotour. The day had gotten on and I had not found as many of the geotour caches as I had wanted to. We were only here the one night and needed to scoot at a specific time.

We had just come up for WBGT 16: The Ice Age Trail. When we descended, I noted there was this geocache right here at the trailhead. Might as well search for it. Nope. Nada. Then when we actually read the description, we realized that this was a letterbox hybrid and would need our time. We had none.

Back at the vehicle, I realized I had not written down the code for the geotour. Sigh. Back up I went. As soon as I returned everything, there was flowers22. She had read through the entire cache page and decided we should do this. She was my chauffeur, so I was more than happy to oblige.

The thing is, it was getting dark by now. We followed the clues, but only ever spotted the tin man. Our distances may have been off. We tried a few different things, but in the end, didn’t see what we needed to see.

I suspect we would have put more time into this had we had it. It is a truly lovely area.

Thank you for placing this for us to seek today; I appreciate it.

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