Get Off My Porch! (TB Hotel)

20-08-12 GC840A3

42.170083 -87.965983

This past year has been full of changes. Because of that, my caching dropped off to nothing for a while. Now that I head into Chapter 2 geocaching is back in the forefront again. Helping me garner the enthusiasm I have at this point, I have been listening/watching The Geocaching Podcast a lot this summer. You folks have sparked joy in my caching. Thank you.

So, when I decided to head to the midwest for some caching, I realized that you guys are fairly local to my sister. After picking me up at the airport, we headed north to West Bend. I suggested we stop off for this cache along the way. Might as well meet the host of the podcast that has energized my summer.

It was wonderful to meet you, Scott. The geocache was great. All was in fine shape. Loved meeting GPS (Jeeps). The puppy is so stinking cute. You have a winner with that one!

Thank you for all the swag, the great geocache, the podcast, and your wonderful hospitality; I appreciate it.

Scott talked about our visit on this evening’s podcast.

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