WBGT 06: Historic Suckow Mill and Bridge

20-08-12 GC6KRHJ

43.452367 -88.184883

We looked all around. I had someone in tow who had found this before, yet no love on the find.

As we were giving up after a nice long search, saw the metal guy next door and asked if he knew anything about the geocache. He said, “You’re not going to find it.” I probed. He let out a litany about how he has moved the geocache several times, has petitioned for this be relocated, and has tired of geocachers who park on his property.

We explained that we weren’t on his property and asked for a gentle hint. He didn’t give us a great one but informed us he would prefer if we approached from the other end of the bridge. We complied. Still no dice.

Reached out to someone who gave us some tips. We will attempt this once again.

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