WBGT 14: Lizard Mound & Sandy Knoll

20-08-12 GC6KRHJ

43.46485 -88.141583

This turned out to be an adventure for us.

At stage one I was confused. Then I realized this was a two-step. It really does help to read the description. You would think I would have learned by now.

I calculated the coordinates for the second stage. We negotiated over there and began to look. All looked to be correct, but I found nothing. After a bit, I decided to recheck the coordinates. Yup, my reading comprehension stinks. I recalculated and began looking anew. We met up with a nice young lady and her friendly dog. It didn’t take long to recognize that our approach was wrong. Back out and around we went.

My time in Wisconsin was good as I picked up no ticks or chiggers. But along here I did have some mosquitoes who decided to feast. 🙂 The log was wet on this one.

Thank you for the fun geocache; I appreciate it.

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