WBGT 16: The Ice Age Trail

20-08-12 GC53CBC

43.4427 -88.21175

This was an adventure.

Lovely trail. It was getting dark, but we climbed. Found the geocache without incident. I logged in, and we headed back down. At the bottom, we noticed there was another geocache listed there. We poked around a bit not finding it before we recognized it was a letterbox hybrid. Running late, we went back to the vehicle.

It was then that I realized I hadn’t copied down the code. Sigh. Back up I went alone to get the code. As soon as I was done, my sister appeared for us to do the letterbox. No, we didn’t find it. Must have missed something. We really needed to get going for the geotour was not going to get done if we didn’t move along.

Thank you for the fun geocache; I appreciate it.

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