WBGT 05: Sculpture Walk

20-08-13 GC53C8Q

43.42095 -88.171283

This is one for the history book.

About a month ago I planned my visit to West Bend for the geotour. I flew out from New Jersey yesterday into Chicago and drove up here for a day and a half before heading south. Because of wandering around yesterday, we had plenty to scramble and do to complete the geotour this morning. We were making good time in that goal, but another event had to happen.

Geocaching is all about the story. We all have them. Our first hunt. First find. Trips we’ve taken. Friends we met.

I came to the geocache as a married man. In 2001 my wife and I sought our first geocache. Not thinking anyone would believe we found it, we videotaped the entire experience. Since then, my geocaching story has had many episodes.

This geocache will be one of the anchor points in that story. I arrived as a married man, as I said. I left as a single man.

Last week, my lawyer informed me that the divorce proceeding would be conducted this morning via Zoom. I explained I would be in Wisconsin, but since it was a virtual procedure, that could be done on the hunt. So, I found the geocache, walked to the bench, called into the court, met the judge, did what needed to be done, signed the log for the geocache, and left.

Ain’t technology great? Seriously. This could not have been done just a few years ago.

Yes, this is a geocache that will always be remembered by me. This was a wonderful stop along the West Bend geotour and in my geocaching story. Thank you for being a part of that; I appreciate it.

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  1. Thanks for visiting the West Bend GeoTour. I logged on to the Chamber’s account to check on all the caches and see what needs maintenance. I read your log on the Sculpture Walk cache and.. what a unique story! LOL

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