AFK to discover the roots of Bluegrass

20-08-15 GC8WJKY

37.774817 -87.113833

I wish my visit to Owensboro was not limited by time and COVID. While not a huge bluegrass fan, I do like it. I would welcome enjoying an evening or two of music. This building is impressive. Frankly, I was impressed with Owensboro in general. Population-wise, it’s about the same size as the city I work in, yet it is worlds apart in what it looks like. Lots of new here in Owensboro. Lots of parks. There’s beauty here. Someday I’ll return and hear the bluegrass.

Ran into tjheath62 and the 3 caballeros, cachers from Tennessee, here. We had a pleasant chat and walked to the next geocache together.

Thank you for placing this; I appreciate it.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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