Covert Ops – Mission #45 – Travel Bug Motel

20-08-15 GC8KZBB

37.962683 -87.444483

The night before we were working on a wonderful night cache. Through that, we learned of this geocache. It sounded neat. At the event this morning, we met the CO and realized this wasn;t too far away. After a hearty breakfast to begin our day, we headed over for our covert mission.

It was clear that we were out-numbered. As soon as we approached, Dexter, the prowling guard made it known that he was going to chase us. But using our charm, we placed the ol’ boy under our control. That provided us the cover we needed to execute the mission. We produced our weapons and soon had the case within hand. Only with the turncoast are we successful today. Dexter is our man!

Thank you for a clever and well-executed geocache. This began our day off right. Enjoyed meeting you and finding this geocache. I appreciate all the work you put into this.

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