Wired #02 – Knock, Knock

20-08-18 GC54V3Z

42.193417 -88.01775

Oh, this one was a struggle. We got in and figured out what we needed to do without trouble. Our problem is that none of us were successful in executing what needed to be done. We tried. We failed. We tried again. We failed again. Over and and over we went. We just could not get the rhythm.

Disappointed we left for a beverage break.

We made use of the hint/help provided at the cache. Other than verifying that we were trying the correct thing, I don’t know if there was anything new for us, but I do believe we had confidence now. Back we went and after a few more attempts, were so glad when the geocache released. Success! Woo hoo!

This is one we just struggled to do the way it needed to be done. Love the mechanism!

Thank you for the struggle (and the help); I truly appreciate it.

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