Mason Dixon Mystery Cache

20-08-31 GC8VEA0

38.460083 -75.69365

So, here I sit beside the Mason-Dixon marker. I had driven here from Seaford after doing your virt and Adventure Lab this morning. I had wanted to grab the cache hidden near here. I did.

Since I was in Maryland, I decided to see if there was something close by before I headed north. This popped up. I am about to begin a challenge with puzzles and figured I’d give it a try.

Seemed straightforward. Then the coordinates didn’t seem quite right. Tried again. Maybe. I looked for other logs for guidance. That’s when I learned this had just published. Third time was the charm. AB was the issue for me as I had two other numbers first.

When I liked the third set, I got out just as a local cacher (dink712) drove up. Made the find. Nice!

Chatted a bit. A nice ending to my time at this end of the state with this.

Thanks for all head scratching the last two days; I appreciate it.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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