Jersey Devil #15

20-09-24 GC8306H

39.325367 -74.985083

I'm hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway

Rough day all around. Not feeling well. I didn’t want to go caching, but there’s this silly streak I am on and I didn’t want it to end today. I loathe streaks for this very reason.

’twas up way too early. Distance learning is taking its toll. And I didn’t find this. Grrr . . .

But I know that I gave up too early. There was no reason to think it was missing. The logs tell the story. But Mr. Literal reads too deeply into things. Think I am missing something clever that is disguised in plain sight. So, I miss what I am supposed to see and get fooled by a mind that is not in tune with what is going on. Oh, the story of my life!

Since others had reached out for help, I did the same. After a bit, I moved onto hopeful greener pastures, which were as black as this one was. Sigh . . . At least there, help for this one came to be. I finally gave up on that to return here and hope I could find with the help I was provided.

Yeah, walked right to it. Why I hadn’t found that before? Because I was all up in my head. They say golf is all mental. Well, geocaching is every bit that as well. I was so focused on something else I missed the obvious. One would think that after all this time I would learn. Sheesh.

It’s kind of unfulfilling when you have to reach out for help to find something. It’s not as satisfying as when you don’t. I do appreciate the help, however. Thank you kindly.

TIme for bed . . . or a cocktail. I have to up my game.

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