Jersey Devil #56

20-09-30 GC830J7

39.33245 -74.993933

This geocache answered, I think, an issue I ran into last week. I DNFd a geocache. One of the things I did not understand was that were some photographs posted to it that had not matched anything I saw. Part of me thought perhaps those were photographs from another geocache. I think those may have been taken from here.

I was a bit surprised to find a trail here. I thought I was pretty familiar with Manumuskin. Pretty certain I’ve never been on this trail. It also answers how to get to this one. Looking at the map on my many trips out here definitely had me pondering how to approach these geocaches out here. This isn’t how I thought I would approach.

Lovely area and the geocache was easily found. All is fine with the geocache.

Thank you for a nice easy one in the middle of the woods on a fine autumn afternoon; I appreciate it.

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