Hat Trick#11-Another Cemetery Hide

20-10-01 GC8G4T4

39.486417 -75.0695

October is here! And to celebrate, I wanted to relax. I was out running some errands and figured I’d pick up a nice easy one in my travels and then head home for a day of reading (and napping).

I am familiar with this cemetery, but I never seem to remember that one cannot turn into here from the other side of Landis. Instead of banging a U-y right after 55 as I usually do, I continued to Joe’s and picked up some gorgeous ribeyes. Then I treated myself to some brisket from the BBQ guy. With happy scents filling my nostrils, I headed back here for this one.

Made short work of this. Unfortunately, the log is pretty wet. I was able to sign it, but it probably could use a replacement.

Thank you for having this one that let me get onto my meal; I appreciate it.

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