morning parking chat

morning parking chat Geocache

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This weekend did not turn out as planned. But I was determined to get some of what had been on the itinerary. That meant getting up long before dawn.

Yes, a long, long, long, long time before the dawn

When I was 15, I visited my grandfather one summer. Upon leaving a baseball game at night, I recall his nose was pressed against the windshield. He explained that he couldn’t see. That was me this morning. It was dark all the way to the event with the added bonuses of a downpour and traffic.

Alas, I arrived. The last three months have found me following in Tipsy‘s footsteps. It’s always nice to meet up with you folks.

I enjoy talking geocaching and it was good to do so with the hearty ones who showed up on this cool, wet morning.

Thank you for holding this event; I appreciate it.

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