H&R Trail – Not so Dark Hammock

20-11-06 GC8N0DG

27.32215 -81.498367

Grammy’s 80th Celebration!
COVID-Sebring GeoTour (GT48D)
Day 2

The last of the day; the last one of the geotour.

It was very dark and we took a very lonely hard-packed road out here. Ahead we could see lights. We soon realized they were headlights. Good thing because that gate was closed!

There were two caravans of people. We don’t know if they were workers chilling at the end of a long day or visitors who were waiting to be shuttled. Anyhow, we had company during our visit. Used our headlights to find the geocache. All is in fine shape.

This looks like and interesting place to visit.

Thoroughly enjoyed our time during the last couple days completing this geotour. We came from New Jersey, Chicago, and the west coast of Florida to do this.

Certainly, I don’t think I would have ever visited here had it not been for this geotour. I had never heard of Sebring, Avon Park, or Lake Placid previously.

We saw lots of interesting things, explored pretty towns, learned some new words (hammock, for instance), enjoyed some good food and drink, and made more memories to forget in old age.

Thank you for putting this together; I appreciate it.

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