Out of My League

Knob Creek at Total Wine

One of the things I have become aware of in my simplicity/minimalistic journey is the idea of a fantasy self. This is the concept that one envisions himself doing a certain thing/looking a certain way and then consumes to either achieve it or mimic it.

It is indeed ludicrous.

So, there I was in Total Wine browsing the bourbon aisle. I had come prepared to purchase a $200 bottle of Garrison Brothers (hey, Danny was a classmate of mine). When that didn’t work out, I was equally prepared to purchase several hundred dollars of other bourbons to stock my shelves.

But I couldn’t figure out which Knob Creek was better.

Then it dawned on me, I am out of my league. Yes, I enjoy bourbon, but I do not have that discerning of a pallet that I need to spend this kind of cash on drinking alone.

And that shattered whatever fantasy I had in my mind. I drink alone. All by myself.

I walked out without purchasing a thing. I have no alcohol in my home. I will not drink alone.

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