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Look, he done gone and done it again!

I’ve cleared so much from my life that it is easy for me to dive head first into new activities without even batting an eye. That’s how I came to order a soldering kit, an Arduino kit, a vise, and a Christmas tree!

The last two days I have been scouring previous researched turf, honing in on a new hobby.

Much like when I took on barbecuing and when I returned to geocaching, I am setting out my approach ahead of time.

I’m going to pursue my interest in electronics. There are three main things I am looking for in doing this:

  1. fun
  2. learning
  3. content for this blog

Rather than just do the “color by numbers” approach with a lot of these projects, I am looking to actually learn. Despite purchasing some things to get started, I am looking at taking an approach that has me tinkering.

I am resigned to the fact that this will generate stuff. I can live with that. I imagine I’ll offload some of the projects after a while.

The focus is electronics with a sub-interest with Arduino. I like Raspberry Pi and am drawn to them, but I am going to try to remain clear of them for a while so I learn the electronics better before dabbling on that platform.

But I also see me taking on a broader maker approach to some of this. I am enamored with making greeting cards with LEDs and sound. Paper circuitry fits my interest.

So, I am looking to be creative. It’s a hobby that has me doing things, not just reading. I am looking forward to that.

Above is a list of projects I have identified that I am interested in completing. There’s enough there to keep me busy entertained for some time. 🙂

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