Batman and the Monster Men (2005-) #4

Batman and the Monster Men (2005-) #4Batman and the Monster Men (2005-) #4 by Matt Wagner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Batman was lft in the basement with Professor Strange’s creatures . . . three of them. Batman prevailed. All the while Strange witnessed this and marveled at Batman’s abilities and lack of hesitatin in his moves. Despite having a couple cracked ribs and getting tossed around, Batman escaped through a drainage gate. Strange retrieved a drop of Batman’s blood. With his DNA, Strange thinks he can replicate Batman.

Meanwhile Julie shows up unannouced at Wayne Manor. She sees Bruce battered and wonders about him. Bruce knows that Julie has witnessed a lot regarding him and thinks that his rouse isn’t very good. Nevertheless, he continues.

Maroni’s henchmen show up to Strange’s place. They let him know that while they can’t prove it, they are suspect of how he made payment last (ripping off Maroni’s card game). They issue a warning not to do something like that on the next payment. They shoot one of the creatures in a water tank to let Strange know they are all business.

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