Batman and the Monster Men (2005-) #6

Batman and the Monster Men (2005-) #6Batman and the Monster Men (2005-) #6 by Matt Wagner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All hell broke loose at Falcone’s deep woods estate. Strange’s creatures began destroying the henchmen. Maroni attempted to escape via a helicopter on the roof.

While this was all going on, Sanjay’s brother (a creature) was killed. He was upset and began shooting the henchmen. In the battle, Sanjay was killed.

Batman showed up. He was good at neutralizing the creatures. Having saved Madison, he tells him to go home, “Norman.” That Batman knew his name surprised Madison. Batman also told Maroni that Madison’s debt was now paid since Batman had saved Maroni.

Back at Wayne Manor, Julie Madison awoke after a day and a half of sleep compliments of Bruce’s drug. He tells her that her father is safe and could borrow money from Bruce to pay off his debt. Seems odd since the debt is now cleared.

Hugo Strange appears on television discussing Batman. He tells the viewers that Batman is destructive and dangerous. Norman Madison is watching this. He fears Batman given he knows his name. The End.

And this is what I don’t undestand about comics. This is perfectly set up to continue the storyline, but it just ends. As far as I know, this story does not extend any further.

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