Anti-Capitalistic Or Nonsensical?

Raspberry Pi 4 Prices

There I was in Micro Center enjoying my shopping experience. There’s a sentence that doesn’t come from me very often, but I enjoy this store. It represents possibility for me.

Anyhow, the one of the items on my list was another Raspberry Pi 4. The pricing scheme seemed odd. I knew the price I was going to pay before I drove here. What caught my attention was the price for multiple units.

One of the things about capitalism is that volume drives the price down. These economies of scale are seen in most items. Shoot, go buy a car. If you were willing to buy two cars from the same dealer on the same day, you’d get a discount. Buying the bigger box of cereal is cheaper per unit than the smaller box. At worst there is no discount.

But it’s a rare day that purchasing fewer of an item is less expensive. Sure, if there were a specific sale, perhaps. But that isn’t what is going on here. Look at buying five Pis. That is less expensive than buying 11.

Something isn’t right here.

Let’s suppose you really wanted 11 Raspberry Pis. Wouldn’t you buy them one at a time? Buy, leave the store, return, buy another, repeat.

Just seems odd to me . . .

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