Handbook of Model Rocketry

Handbook of Model RocketryHandbook of Model Rocketry by G. Harry Stine
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Saw Millville Public Library had this and picked it up. I wasn’t expecting much with it being more than 25 years old. I figured things have changed since then and this will satisfy my enthusiasm until my rocket arrives. This is turning out to be a much better read than I thought. Love how Stine writes. It hearkens back to a time prior to the PC-police. He tells the reader he is stupid if he does certain things. It’s refreshing. Stine sounds like many of the adults who guided me to adulthood. I like that. And most of what I am reading is still relevant all these years later. I do laugh at the references to phone books, phone chains, Radio Shack, and BASIC. Yes, times were different. 😉

This book is exciting. For someone like me who is just getting into the hobby, it was full of information. More important, it was full of enthusiasm. Stine was an advocate of the hobby and he was energetic in his writing about it.

Some of what was presented here is a dated. I suspect hand-eye sighting for altitude is not used much these days. All the trigonometry to calculate various things is no longer done. I know K-sized motors exist. Only G are discussed here.

Nevertheless, a whole of topics were raised that I had not even considered. And while I doubt I will ever build a model to scale from research I conduct, it is fascinating to know this is an area of the hobby. I was equally fascinated with the depth of glide recovery systems. That seems like a larger field of the hobby than I would have thought.

Having finished this book, I am even more eager to begin.

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