Mt Pleasant (Or Not) Cemetery

21-02-08 GC960M4

39.418367 -75.3289

What a lovely day! Finished up with the main part of work for the day and decided to take a drive. Am familiar with the cemetery, which is good since my phone was acting a bit wonky on the ride out.

Arrived and saw Starman was already on the hunt. We poked around for a few minutes. Reception here was just as wonky as my phone had been. Went and retrieved the GPSr. Soon after Rocket__Man arrived. Had it hand a moment later.

Always nice to meet geocaching brethren on the hunt. Enjoyed being out. It seems as though one of the residents either escaped or never was assigned a home. 😉

All is in fine shape here.

Thank you for providing something to get me out and about in the snow on this otherwise drab Monday; I appreciate it.

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