Beginner’s Luck

21-03-13 GC82WRH

39.525983 -75.812367

CITO Saturday

My plans for this day were totally different than they materialized. In the end, the day was fabulous. It began here as I rolled into town and immediately had a flashback. During the past 40 years I have had a vision of dining with my parents and friends on the water. I went to school nearby. Whenever someone’s parents came, we ALL went out to dinner. Well, turns out it was the Chesapeake Inn. Ah, we used to feast on crabs here. It all came streaming back to me as I walked to this one.

Popped into the park. Had no breakfast to dine upon here. Still was able to find the geocache without incident.

Thank you for placing this for me to find this morning; I appreciate it.

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