Birds of a Feather…

21-03-13 GC47YBA

39.5523 -75.818767

CITO Saturday


So, I just read the logs of the others who sought this today. Pfft! None approached this the way it was meant to be done! Me? I went through that mess. I am scratched all up. I was hung up more than once. I crawled. I got wet. I cried. I persevered. 🙂 Frankly, this two-star terrain was much more difficult than several five-star terrains I have completed.

What is that climbing over the fence stuff, Tipsy? Bah! (Hey, I contemplated it. If I had a blanket or towel to mute the thorns, I would have.) I went through the overgrown tangle of spiky hurting things. Yes, I did!

All the while, the two ladies I noticed when I sought Monkey in the Middle passed me time and time again. Neither seemed to pay me any mind, but they must have wondered what this crazy guy was doing on the other side of the fence all hung up. I am sure they heard me more than once say, “Ow!” (or worse). One of their husbands joined them on my way out. Perhaps he thought I was a danger. Hardly mister . . . I am lucky to be alive!

Found the geocache without incident (thankfully). Log is a bit weathered.

Thank you for the most memorable adventure of the day; I appreciate it.

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