Cache Emplacement

21-03-13 GCJ3DC

39.568333 -75.578833

CITO Saturday

This was kewl! Fort duPont doesn’t seem to have many funds to keep its structures in optimal repair. We commented that the sister fort across the river at Fort Mott appears to be in much better shape. But it’s the disrepair that made exploring fun. Bwahaha!

Old government buildings are always fun to take in. Enjoyed the views.

Joe made the grab on the geocache and we all signed in. Things are in good shape here.

Just noticed this was ski‘s cache originally. Totally forgot that. Now I am trying to remember if I had found this before. Too much time, too little memory to know for certain. Thanks for keeping this one alive.

We then took to the observation deck and another bunker before leaving. Fun visit. Thank you for placing this for us to experience the fort; I appreciate it.

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