Code Word : BamBam

21-03-13 GC816FZ

39.527433 -75.81215

CITO Saturday

Wandered here as I was still a bit early for the event. A bit perplexed regarding this one as I wasn’t finding anything and the item mentioned in the clue seemed to be away from the coordinates. Neverthess, I scoured that and found nothing. So, I was daring. I asked. The shopkeeper indicated that it had been removed. No problem as I went to another cache.

When I returned from that, I saw a couple over seemingly looking for the geocache. I returned only to meet oboegary & delaware hiker, hosts of the event. They were instrumental in this find. 🙂 Thank you! It would not be the last time they helped me today. Met no ceiling right after finding this. It was nice to do so as I had found a few of his geocaches a couple weeks ago and followed him in many logs in the southern end of the state.

All is well with this replacement. Thank you for keeping this alive; I appreciate it.

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