ICT – Blue Hen Tracks

ICT - Blue Hen Tracks Geocache

39.553533 -75.7796

At the event I looked over the geocaches that were nearby since I had abandoned my original plan for today. I noted this one because of the last log that indicated there was trash here. Since this was CITO Saturday, why not come here and do some cleaning up?

As is my wont, I was running late getting here as I was all hung up at a nearby cache. When I arrived Tininity and JoeO2 were already hard at work on the landscaping. I took the other side of the road. The variety of beer tossed along the farm is stunning! Filled my bag.

Coordinates for the geocache are good. Took me a bit to spot what is there.

Thank you for placing this for us to find; I appreciate it.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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