Xylophobia? We Hope Not!

21-03-13 GC3R2HH

39.551033 -75.816167

CITO Saturday

After the event, I worked my way north. I had agreed to meet Trininity and JoeO2 at another geocache but thought I could bang out this trio at Chesland Park easily on my way. Yeah, no! Oh my, what an adventure!

As I approached, I pulled over to survey things. That is when I read the cache page and saw parking coordinates. I used them. That took me in via a path. That path disappeared pretty soon after. From there it was pretty much a bushwhack. I can bushwhack. That’s standard business. But what kind of trees are these? Holy smokes! I have never encountered these with there prickly parts. I quickly removed my nylon jacket and buried it beneath my sweater. That would have been ripped to shreds!

I was on all fours twice to scramble through this mess. My goodness!

Once I got close, I spotted the geocache. Logged in and took care of business. FWIW, there are multiple logs in the geocache.

Mopar and I came to the understanding at a cache once that hiders always have a backdoor to the approach on difficult caches (pretty certain it was when we hiked to Totally Miserable Tom). Yeah, I found that on the way out. No issues upon exiting. 🙂

Thank you for the fun experience; I appreciate it.

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