Digital Root

This geocache is now archived.

So, I have been enamored with gadget caches for a while now. For me, it provides something more exciting than just a box at the coordinates. Location used to be the draw. It still is, but it doesn’t seem to be used as much these days by hiders.

Of course, my building skills are basically nonexistent. To that end, I have taken to watching a lot of YouTube videos on the matter, Gadget Talk in particular.

This is based off their first build more than a year ago.

It is simple, but I like it.

21-04-01 Digital Root Geocache

It’s a plastic ammo can from Harbor Freight. I drilled four holes for the LEDs and two for the screws. The LEDs are connected to the screws via two ring wire terminals that I crimped onto the wires. Using a 9-volt battery, electricity flows through the screws though the wires completing the circuit and lighting the LEDs. Simple.

So, four different colored lights illuminate. They are clear lights until illuminated. So, what does one do with the lights?

Well, this may be of help.


There are nine images here with the title Digital Root. Perhaps finding the digital root of the four illuminated LEDs would provide four numbers.

Hey, there’s a padlock on the ammo can with four numbers. Fancy that!

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