Jersey Devil #28

21-04-19 GC83090

39.344017 -74.980583

The sun was beginning to get low in the sky as I came into here. It was then that I knew my time out here was limited. I really hadn’t been thinking about those kinds of things, just going after the next dot.

As soon as I got to the area, the coodinates decided to bounce about. Hmm . . . At some point I guess I read the General‘s comment regarding where he found the geocache and where he left it. Since then, it has moved. It is totally obvious, but when you are looking for something else, well, it is easy to miss it . . . apparently. That reminds me of a joke that I recently heard . . .

When does a Dad joke become a Dad joke?

When it become apparent! 🙂

It seems to me this log may have been damp as well.

Thank you for the fun in the woods; I appreciate it.

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