Jersey Devil #34

21-04-19 GC830DQ

39.352317 -74.989933

I’m stealin’, stealin’, pretty mama
Don’t you tell on me
I’m stealin’ back to my
Same old used to be

When I arrived at the preserve, I didn’t have a plan as to what I was going to seek. After rectifying the DNF near parking, I began walking. When the first decision needed to be made, I walked toward the tracks. Well, I love walking this railroad, so I continued. Perfect day to lose myself in my thoughts. And then the real world invaded. My teenage daughter, amid a crisis, needed her father. Love it! 🙂 We had a nice chat as I took one tie at a time. Once I calmed her storm, it was back to the peacefulness of Manumuskin. Perfect.

Before I knew it, I was walking right to this location . . . where I have been before and failed. And sure enough, I spun in circles like I had the other times out here. For whatever reason, I was more at peace today. The woods do me well, methinks. Even so, I looked and looked, but came up with nothing. Again. 🙁 And I continued, ever expanding my circle. Still nada. Afer a little more looking, I began reading the logs. I saw the General had found this recently. I was sure it was still here. I didn’t understand what he meant by the numbers. One number wouldn’t make this off much, but if it wasn’t an end number, well that could mean it was somewhere else.

Still finding nothing, I decided to reach out for help. Knowing this isn’t true, it sure feels like it is: when you reach out for help, you then immediately find the geocache. Yeah, that is what happened here. I sent a follow-up to cancel the help.

In the end, the coordinates are fine. A little off from my center, but certainly within in the circle I searched. It is not devilishly hidden. It is just there and blends in well. The log is a bit damp, but absolutely signable.

Thank you for the head scratcher; I appreciate it.

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