Jersey Devil #65

21-04-19 GC830K7

39.328033 -74.9867

Weird day that turned out to be perfect. Still teaching from home, I watched the day go from cloudy to bright and sunny, to overcast, and drizzling when I finally made it out the door late this afternoon. My familiar jaunt down 55 to Barth was welcomed by two fawns as soon as I made the turn. Parked in my “reserved” spot and headed in.

I decided to take on this previous DNF. Once again, coordinates drifted and bounced as soon as I arrived. Even still, “It shouldn’t be a difficult find,” I said to myself. And much like previous visits, nothing was coming to my eyes. Hmm . . .

So, I re-positioned. And just like that, there it was.

I don’t have an explanation for my troubles here. There is nothing out of place here. The bouncy coordinates frustrate, but it is not an obstacle to finding this. Sometimes it appears that I am just blind. There you have it!

All is in fine shape with this one.

Thsnk you for the challenge; I appreciate it.

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