Chair Logging

21-05-06 GC8KHH6

39.363817 -101.05445

Mingo Madness, Day 2
a much different day than planned

Don’t know where my head was when I planned the day as I thought the EarthCache event was in the evening. Because of that, I had planned to go to Hays and bop around there all day. But instead, remained around Colby, then to Little Jerusalem, then Oakley, then Colby again. Just a little bit of everything running into cachers everywhere I went. It’s geocaching heaven! 🙂

Took me a couple tries. Thought I was onto it, but nothing appeared. It seems like I had the rigt idea at first, but didn’t do something correct. Boom! There she is.

Very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thank you; I appreciate it.

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