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21-05-07 GC8AMYW

39.397217 -101.049017

Mingo Madness, Day 3
GeoArt, Adventure Labs, events, Goodland & fun!

Exciting, long and fun day here in the Oasis on the Plains. Began with the GeoArt and the Adventure Labs. Ran into new and familiar cachers throughout the day. Good chatting with all. Picked up all the caches in the area save those reserved for tomorrow. Enjoyed the event at the fairgrounds and dinner to rehydrate before leaving town to clear out Goodland this evening.

Spectacular day! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fun by either placing caches, finding caches with us, hosting events, helping, or being in our environment today; I appreciate each and every one of you.

This was the same kind of puzzle as WVTim’s Barrels, save this one was far easier. Being an event weekend, we had to wait to do this one. While we waited, several of the vloggers showed up including Derek Baker. This was the first time I had met Derek. I had run into Bounce, Bounce somewhere else earlier, but I forget where. He was here too as well as Joshua and Memfis. Spoke with Memfis for a bit. He indicated there had been some hiccups with the geoart. It was flawless for us.

Later we realized we lost a stamp. We returned here to look for it. It wasn’t here, butJoshua still was filming for his vlog. Funny watching someone else record content.

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