The Big Picture

21-05-07 GCZ230

39.3374 -101.7046

Mingo Madness, Day 3
GeoArt, Adventure Labs, events, Goodland & fun!

Exciting, long and fun day here in the Oasis on the Plains. Began with the GeoArt and the Adventure Labs. Ran into new and familiar cachers throughout the day. Good chatting with all. Picked up all the caches in the area save those reserved for tomorrow. Enjoyed the event at the fairgrounds and dinner to rehydrate before leaving town to clear out Goodland this evening.

Spectacular day! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fun by either placing caches, finding caches with us, hosting events, helping, or being in our environment today; I appreciate each and every one of you.


After The Old Field, we worked on the Adventure Lab. We banged it all out save the final. It turns out the last stop there was here for this geocache. It’s always nice when things work efficiently.

All is in fine shape with this. Today was a big day and it ended here.

Thank you for highlighting this wonderful area; I appreciate it.

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