The Invisibles – Mingo Madness Edition

21-05-07 GC9ADAX

39.391933 -101.057483

Mingo Madness, Day 3
GeoArt, Adventure Labs, events, Goodland & fun!

Exciting, long and fun day here in the Oasis on the Plains. Began with the GeoArt and the Adventure Labs. Ran into new and familiar cachers throughout the day. Good chatting with all. Picked up all the caches in the area save those reserved for tomorrow. Enjoyed the event at the fairgrounds and dinner to rehydrate before leaving town to clear out Goodland this evening.

Spectacular day! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fun by either placing caches, finding caches with us, hosting events, helping, or being in our environment today; I appreciate each and every one of you.

This was the other mystery that dropped today. It too is at the fairgrounds. We moseyed over to see what was up.

Well, what is up is the geocache. Up a tree. Not a problem as we had a younger person in our group. 🙂 Lizzie went up a ways, but would go no further. Can’t blame her. The big issue is that we could not see the geocache. That was the biggest issue.

We contemplated, but with not seeing this, we were unwilling to do anything.

Someone came around and said that his wife was able to see it, but he never did. He also helped us zero in on where this was. It was higher up than any of us were comfortable with.

At that point, our hero, EskoClimber, arrived. He asked us if we needed a climber. Yes! In no time, this guy who is older than I was at the top of this tree, at least 40 if not 50 feet of the ground. He was quite agile in how he negotiated the tree. Amazing. He tossed the cache down and then took it back up. Thank you!

We ran into EskoClimber any number of times from there on.

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