GPS Maze Mingo Madness

21-05-08 GC8J5NV

39.391983 -101.05725

Mingo Madness, Day 4
Bucket Day

The 20th anniversary celebration of Mingo (at 21 years) is also my 20th year geocaching. Mingo has been on my bucket list for much of that time. It finally happened this week. After a full few days of caching, today was set for a relaxed icon day with events, the Maze, escape room, and the focal point of the trip: GC30.

In addition to GC30, the Maze was something I was very much looking forward to experiencing this week. First off, the volunteers were FABULOUS! Folks could not have been more friendly and helpful. Enjoyed their company immensely.

The Maze was very well done. Thank you for bringing it to Colby for me to experience this week; I appreciate it.

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