Bob and Jack: A Boy and His Yak

Bob and Jack: A Boy and His YakBob and Jack: A Boy and His Yak by Jeff Moss
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I love this book! I picked this up in the mid-1990s and read it yearly with my students. A boy receives a yak as a pet. As he grows, the boy changes, as does his relationship with the yak.

While predictable, it is still a moving story. Jeff Moss was a master. The ending is one as a father that I just become emotional reading.

COVID has robbed the students of much of what we do. Sensing students needed to truly get into storytelling to jumpstart their participation, I broke this book out and began reading it.

This book is perfect for teaching storytelling. When the parents presented Jack with his yak, I closed the book and announced we were done. A happy ending.

After we discussed that, we decided that while all was right with the world, stories require conflict. We continued on. I reminded the students that they asked for this. We could have ended with the yak appearing. So, when Bob died and we ran out of time to finish the story, students were emotionally drained.

We reviewed today. We discussed how we have to go through the bad to appreciate the good. Then I announced we would re-build them emotionally.

Such a great tale. Yes, it is Toy Story. 😉

Students LOVED this. ou can see how much they long for storytelling, which just did not manifest itself via Zoom.

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