Sharing My Thinking

It may seem strange to say this on my blog that hosts thousands of posts, but I am learning to be more reticent in what I say to people.

Once upon a time, I felt a need to provide a story for everything. “The Bob Owens story”, another “Bob story”, etc. as it was referred to by others. It dawned on me at some point that I don’t need to provide the inner workings of my thinking at every stage.

This morning I reached out to someone for help with something. I just asked rather matter-of-factly (but politely) for a piece of information. The information was provided. A comment was made that could have elicited a more detailed response from me. Instead, I thanked the person for the information and called it a day. I didn’t need to go into the reasons for wanting the obscure bit of information, etc.

I don’t need to share everything with everybody.

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