She wasn't the brightest one
in the room that day

Oh, Mom

No, Tennessee does not
border Florida

The joy of besting the matriarch
along with the promise
of selecting the evening's movie
embossed the Cheshire's grin
on my mug

Charlottesville had but one
theater with two screens
a dilemma for me as I
entered adulthood

Do you take Mom to the
teenage boy's wet dream
or have her barraged with F bombs?

Porky's or Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip?

We were wordsmiths
the disctionary had its own seat at the dinner table
The T&A could wait
We'll conjugate fuck tonight

Forty years later my mother
still introduces me as her boy
who took her to see that vile man

The either-or
The lesser of two evils
was just a boy's view of 
the situation

A man would have
suggested sitting about, chatting with Mom,
and playing cards

There's always another option

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