Frankenstein Challenge

21-05-22 GC40H0A

40.04635 -74.641317

This challenge caught my eye a long time ago. Finally sat down to see what I had last August, I believe. Yup, I had it. Culled through my finds some more to get creative. Had a log written somewhere, but where it is, I haven’t a clue.

The geocache is a good hour or so from me. I just haven’t gotten up here despite me thinking I would have many times. After knocking out the Boneyard Challenge today, I figured, “Why not?” I was about an hour away from there too.

Negotiated all the turns and arrived late in the day. The farmers were still doing their thing across the way. I was pleasantly surprised by the location: a cemetery! Ha!

Found the geocache without incident. Was all set to leave a geocoin I received recently, but it wouldn’t fit in the container. 🙁 Instead, I left Moun10bike’s lackey tag I picked up in Mingo.

Ernest, my monster, has the following:

  • body, halo, craw, hair, heads,cranium, dome
  • brow, face, eyes, iris, trap, spout, lips, mustache, chin, ear, canal, nose, bill, canine, gum, bridge
  • neck, apple, nape
  • heart, rack, tit, liver
  • arm, shoulder, fin, guns, pit, wings, hand, paw, thumb, finger, fingertips
  • back, hip, leg, gam,quad, knee, shin, foot, arch, sole, heel, corn
  • cock, bishop, willy, ball, nut, egg, tail, ass, bum, butt, bottom, can, seat, ham, caboose, moon, colon
  • blood, skin, hide, shell, fur, scales, bone, side, feather, fat. gene
  • In addition, since Ernest is a monster, he has a switch.

Some of the intangibles Ernest possesses are:

  • love, bark, smile, story, weight, hope, adventure, memory, life, height, feeling, spirit, health, ego, id, identity, mind, legacy, shadow, vision, beauty, germ, color, spit, class, thought, and honor.

Ernest just wants to be accepted as is.

Here is the bookmark list, as requested.

Thank you for listing this (it was a fun endeavor); I appreicate it.

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