The Boneyard Challenge

21-05-23 GC4ZJM1

39.667867 -75.386033

Challenge caches have not been something that I have spent a lot of time on. But back in October, I began looking at this one. I culled through my finds to see where I stood. Oh, it definitely seemed doable, but I had some ways to go.

Traveling helps. In my travels I began seeking cemeteries. Soon I was closer and felt this might be something accomplished this year.

Oklahoma moved me upwards and Colorado got me to striking distance. A few days ago I saw I needed 16 more. I wasn’t certain if there were that many available in the area. Sure there are! Last night I headed out after work and got half of them. Today I lined up the other eight. Here is the bookmark list, as requested.

As soon as I turned in, I saw I had company. Some guy was flying his DJI drone. I moeyed across and did my business. I hadn’t noticed this was a micro. I actually returned home today as I had forgotten this bumper sticker I received from someone. Thought it would be perfect to leave as swag. Oh well, I’ll place it in another geocache down the road.

Afterwards, I spoke with the drone flyer for some time. Nice guy who comes down from Philadelphia to fly here. He is a professional photographer and uses this in various jobs.

Absolutely enjoyed hunting the caches to complete the challenge. Thank you for creating this for me to complete; I appreciate it.

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