Makey Makey

Fritz was confirmed recently. I had asked him what he had wanted. He mentioned a Makey Makey. I had heard of this but wasn’t quite certain what it was. I bought it for him.

This week I asked him about it. He began explaining it. It sounded strange. He brought it over this weekend. This thing is kewl!

It’s an input device for another device. Classically, it would be a game controller. It is built within the makers arena. One is expected to doodle with it.

We tinkered today.

The idea is that one must complete a circuit in order to be able to mouse click, use the directional arrows, or the spacebar.

We tried many different connections. Lots of fun.

I had made a little program in Scratch a while ago with the cat singing the Yabba Do song Fritz and I sing to each other. To activate it, one must click on the start button. Fritz concocted all sorts of ways to activate the click button.

In the end, he built a game controller with a lime, lemon, and a banana to play a video game on the Raspberry Pi I have.

This board has a small microprocessor on it that can run a bit of code. I am fairly certain I could upload a Simon type game to it. Then one could play it with fruit as the buttons. Now I have an idea for a gadget cache. 🙂

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