Today, New Jersey will hold its primaries.  Two races will be held: Democrat and Republican.  I received my sample ballot the other day.  There is a slate of candidates for various offices throughout the state.  One candidate per office per political party.

Primaries determine who will officially represent the political party in the November election.

It is possible, although highly unlikely (nearly impossible), an off-ballot candidate could be selected to one of these slots.

Schools are closed to hold the election.

Why should taxpayers fund this election?

When the Kiwanis, Rotary, Toastmasters, KKK, VFW, Chamber of Commerce, etc. hold an election, taxpayers do not fund the election.  Why should we when it’s Democrats and Republicans?

We’re not talking about the general election.  That’s different.  This is just to see who will run in November.  FWIW, we already know who will run as they are those who are on the ballot today.

Furthermore, notice that the Libertarian Party is not listed.  It is running candidates for statewide election.  They weren’t included.  Nor was the Green Party, the Constitution Party, the Weed Party, etc.

Only Democrats and Republicans.  Funded by my tax dollars.  It’s not correct.

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